Notes and Queries – 2011

A listing of entries, and some points of interest and some mysteries to be cleared up.



28/3/2011. George Edwards Peacock: lawyer, convict, meteorological observer, artist.

21/3/2011. Hopefulness amid the burning sands of Libya.

18/3/2011. D’Arcy Wentworth, 1762-1827.

17/3/2011. St. Patrick’s Day, 1827.

16/3/2011. Some European views of Japan in the nineteenth century.

15/3/2011. Japan, 15 June 1896: earthquakes and a tidal wave. Were there two ‘tidal waves’ on that occasion?

14/3/2011. Earthquakes in Japan: some nineteenth-century reports.

11/3/2011. A wind as from the mouth of a furnace. To what time of the year does Lang’s description refer?

10/3/2011. Rain at Hunter’s River and not a blade of grass at Bathurst. Who is ‘R. M. T.’ in the letter quoted?

9/3/2011. Showers have revived our hopes.

8/3/2011. An era of drought.

7/3/2011. Taking a stick to the environment.

4/3/2011. Beware the Ides of March.

3/3/2011. Weather and prophecy.

2/3/2011. A drought, a heat wave and high winds.

1/3/2011. Droughts and flooding rains.


28/2/2011. Regentville.

25/2/2011. Such precipices as would make you shudder.

24/2/2011. All was noise and confusion.

23/2/2011. The house at Springwood.

22/2/2011. Such a scene as I cannot describe.

21/2/2011. This most tremendous journeySir John Jamison and Capertee. Did Sir John Jamison name Pearson’s Lookout at Capertee Valley?

18/2/2011. Preparations at Emu Island and dinner with Sir John.

17/2/2011. From Rooty Hill to Emu Island.

16/2/2011. A family travels from Sydney to Bathurst in 1822.

15/2/2011. Blue Mountains travel and accommodation in 1835-1836.

14/2/2011. The naming of Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.

11/2/2011. Three Native men and six children.

10/2/2011. The loss of a constable.

9/2/2011. What would it be like to be a platypus?

8/2/2011. Herbs, plants, fish and game beyond the mountains.

7/2/2011. Yasi: a devastating cyclone, a devastated species.

4/2/2011. Mission Beach, Queensland.

3/2/2011. Historical societies in districts near the Blue Mountains.

2/2/2011. Historical societies in the Blue Mountains.

1/2/2011. Museums in the Blue Mountains.


31/1/2011. Some bookshops in the Blue Mountains.

28/1/2011. Wanting coal for the colony.

27/1/2011. Governor Macquarie: impressed and impressionable.

25/1/2011. From Emu Ford to the Bathurst Plains.

24/1/2011. Governor Macquarie goes on tour.

21/1/2011. William Cox, road-maker.

20/1/2011. A commemoration dinner for the Governor.

19/1/2011. An ode for the Queen’s birthday.

18/1/2011. Over the mountains and along the stream.

17/1/2011. The Blue Mountains: forbidding and forbidden.

14/1/2011. The Blue Mountains as a challenge to available technology.

13/1/2011. Travelling to the Blue Mountains in 1876.

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