Notes and Queries – 2010

A listing of entries, and some points of interest and some mysteries to be cleared up.



23/12/2010. Taking a break.

22/12/2010. Christmas shopping in Canberra in 1935.

21/12/2010. Holidays in Sydney in 1827.

20/12/2010. The five Macquarie towns.

17/12/2010. Inheritors of the consequences.

16/12/2010. Robert Dawson and Port Stephens.

15/12/2010. Nelson Bay or Nelson’s Bay?

14/12/2010. Port Stephens and an island in the Pacific.

13/12/2010. If, at sunrise, you chance to stroll.

10/12/2010. From railways to resources.

9/12/2010. Under his own vines and fig trees.

8/12/2010. They are looked after in most paternal fashion.

7/12/2010. After the railways, the water problem.

6/12/2010. On the foreshores of Lake George.

3/12/2010. The case of the disappointed lovers.

2/12/2010. A memorable December.

1/12/2010. The commencement of a bright and happy era.


30/11/2010. The pursuit of knowledge under difficulties.

29/11/2010. The Colonnade, Bridge-street.

26/11/2010. Sydney in 1841: a directory [instalment 8].

25/11/2010. Sydney in 1841: a directory [instalment 7].

24/11/2010. Sydney in 1841: a directory [instalment 6].

23/11/2010. Sydney in 1841: a directory [instalment 5].

22/11/2010. Sydney in 1841: a directory [instalment 4].

19/11/2010. Sydney in 1841: a directory [instalment 3].

18/11/2010. Sydney in 1841: a directory [instalment 2].

17/11/2010. Sydney in 1841: a directory of institutions and offices. Information is needed on early directories, almanacs and the like.

16/11/2010. At the top of King Street. Is ‘Prince Edward of Wales’ the more ceremonial title and did the Herald prefer it for that reason?

15/11/2010. Pure luck and pure water. What is the explanation for the ‘inexhaustible supply’ of clear water in the hollow bridge piers?

12/11/2010. The cause of liberty. Did the Sunday evening meetings and entertainments controversy in Sydney have a lasting effect on politics in New South Wales? Did the Gribble case have any constructive outcomes?

11/11/2010. Armistice 1918. How was the news of the armistice of 11 November 1918 received in other capital cities of Australia?

10/11/2010. Father Pigot and the geogyrogram. Were any serious examples of Foucault’s pendulum (as opposed to lecture models) set up in Australia before Father Pigot’s experiments?

9/11/2010. The Queen Victoria Building. How successful was the method of moving goods by cart-lifts to and from the basement?

8/11/2010. Jindabyne and Hiawatha. How many places in Australia are named Hiawatha and why have they received this name?

5/11/2010. Chemistry in the colonies. How widely was James Busby’s book read?

4/11/2010. Dr. Townson’s library. What is Thornbery’s Travels?

3/11/2010. Like a gardener retiring. Did Robert Townson write anything scientific after arriving in New South Wales?

2/11/2010. Varro in the suburbs. How might Varro’s advice have influenced Robert Townson’s farming practices?

1/11/2010. Vergil at the GPO. What do the chains signify on the kangaroo and emu in the GPO statuary?


29/10/2010. Hallowe’en. Are traditional Scottish or Irish Hallowe’en observances practised anywhere in Australia today?

28/10/2010. Flooding in the Riverina. Why is Billabong Creek called a creek when it is so long?

27/10/2010. Coffee shops. Were there any coffee rooms or shops in Australia before the 1820s?

26/10/2010. Nankeen. Is nankeen readily available at the present time?

25/10/2010. Manna. Where in Australia can manna be readily found today?

23/10/2010. Macquarie Place. From what point or points at Macquarie Place were roads measured?

22/10/2010. Martin Place. When were lines first marked on Sydney’s streets?

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