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Holidays in Sydney in 1827

In a notice dated 26 June 1827 and advertised during July in the Sydney newspapers the Monitor and the Australian, the Bank of New South Wales announced that, ‘The Bank in future will be open for Public Business from Ten o’Clock in the Morning till Three o’Clock in the Afternoon,’ and that holidays would be observed on stated days. Church festivals that fell on Sunday (e.g. Easter Sunday) were not mentioned, as Sunday was not a business day. Thirteen days were set aside for holidays as follows:

Half Yearly Settlement of the Books (four days): at the beginning of January and at the beginning of July: New Year’s Day and the following day, and 1 and 2 July.

Official celebrations (three days): 31 January, Governor Macquarie’s birthday; 19 July, the King’s Coronation; and 12 August, His Majesty’s birthday.

Church festivals (eight days): as well as Good Friday, Easter Monday and Whit Monday: 17 March, St. Patrick’s Day; 23 April, St. George’s Day; 30 November, St. Andrew’s Day; 25 December, Christmas Day; and 26 December, St. Stephen’s Day.

If any holiday fell on a Sunday, it was to be kept on the following day.

Monitor 3/7/1827, p. 6 (also 5 and 12 July); Australian 11/7/1827, p. 1.